A natural wonder


Did you know?

Coconuts have deliberately become an incredible, natural and versatile food commodity with prodigious benefits.

They are profoundly known for their high value of nutrition, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. From our daily meals to beauty regimes, this exotic food is health-enhancing to both our body and our skin. 

From fresh coconut milk to coconut oil, it becomes a supercharged agent that works best in our body to boost the immune system naturally. 

Neutrax is Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide. A revolutionary breakthrough of one adjuvant therapy that can and will benefit each and every one of us. 

What is Neutrax ?

NEUTRAX® is cultured coconut extract with Bio-Lipopeptide; produced through FWC’s proprietary Advanced Microaerophilic Fermentation Platform using carefully selected coconut milk that is ethically harvested at a specific maturity.

NEUTRAX® is 100% plant-based chemical-free and has been researched in San Francisco, USA. Based on an independent study of 50 respondent with various healthy conditions, 99% of respondents are satisfied with NEUTRAX®.

One of the key ingredients in NEUTRAX® is extraordinary immune boosting Lauric Acid, which is known to improve energy levels, boost immunity, regulate hormones, stabilise sugar levels and boost cellular healing process.
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